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Sole Patches

Sole Patches eliminate the pain and soreness you once felt after walking around in uncomfortable shoes!

Medical-grade adhesive is super durable and will withstand up to 24 hours of wear, giving you the flexibility to change into multiple pairs of shoes! Don't have to commit to just one pair!

Premium Comfort

Sole Patches are made from PORON, an antimicrobial, odor and moisture repelling, shock-absorbing cushioning urethane that's properties will eliminate the pain and soreness in the ball of the foot area caused by your feet.
Premium Comfort

HOw it Works

Premium Comfort
Premium Comfort
SET... stick this on the ball of your foot or heel of your foot or inside of your shoe
Premium Comfort
GO! Painlessly Perfect

Who Loves Us

"Like any good undergarment, sole patches offer comfort and support where it counts." Vogue editor
Vogue editor
"Don't take another step without them!" US Weekly Reader
US Weekly Reader
"I Was able to dance all night in total comfort!" Cosmopolitan Reader
Cosmopolitan Reader
"It's Like walking on air!" Elle Reader
Elle Reader

"Day to night; work to play - I use Sole Patches every day so that i can look good and wear my heels, painlessly."

- Jodi, NY

"Sole Patches are the secret I just had to share with my girlfriends. We all swear by them, Sole Patches to keep us pain free during our nights out in heels."

- Jamie, Maryland

"I used to dread formal occasions like weddings where I'd have to wear heels all day, but Sole Patches changed that. I simply stick them on my foot and I'm ready to not only last all day in heels, but to dance the night away!"

- Sharon, Florida

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