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Sole Patches was invented by our Founder and CEO Jenn Hwang, inspired by her love of wearing high heels, and the inevitable pain that went with it.  Being insistent on walking the bumpy NYC concrete commute to work while in impractical (yet fashionable!) footwear, it wore on her.  Carrying the spare pair of flats or flipflops was not an option, the extra baggage and the sloppy look just didn't sit well with her.  The solutions that were already in the market included cumbersome insoles which required measuring and cutting (who has time for that?!), or expensive cushion adhesives permanently stuck onto one pair of shoes, eliminating the option of changing shoes frequently--not a viable option for us commitment-phobes! 

After finding PORON®, a cushioning urethane that's antimicrobial, odor and moisture repelling, a solution to daily pain from high heels was created. Most notably, its shock-absorbing properties will eliminate the pain and soreness in the ball of the foot area caused by your feet bouncing around in high heels all day! 

Sole Patches was created for the shoe lover who needs to walk those extra five blocks without the urge to hail a cab, for the shoe lover who wants to dance a little longer on the dance floor, for the shoe lover who needs to mingle a little longer at that cocktail party!

We're quickly growing, so please follow us and watch us grow!